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Meet The Team

Tam headshot_7R.jpg

Tamieka Lowe


& Creative Direction


LaDawn Hill

Licensed Ethetician

& Make-Up Artist

Head shot white jacket.jpg

Denitra Gregory

Professional Clothing Stylist

Keona Headshot_3371R.jpg

Keona Whitson

Licensed Cosmetoligist


Kelly Randall

Administration & Coordinating

Mark FB pic.jpg

Mark Lowe

Administration & Coordinating

Against the stunning backdrop of the world, we pride ourselves in captivating the perfect mixture of cutting edge photography, make-up artistry, styling, hair and jewelry design. We aim to present our clients with an experience of relaxation, fun, warmth and style.

We could provide a fluffy bio, but who cares? The bottom line is we are friendly, affordably priced, creative, have become good at what we do.

Deciding to be creatives was one of our better choices in life, unless we figure out how to make a career out of eating seafood and drinking strawberry lemonade! Whatever your creative need may be, come have fund with us...


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